Strong Families #2

We are in a period when many of us are spending more time with our families than ever before, which has advantages and disadvantages. This series of blog posts is designed to address common concerns which can arise in periods of stress, and to provide solutions to keep your family safe and healthy.

One of the toughest things about living under a stay-at-home order is the loss of social connection. We might not have noticed it until it was gone, but many of us have come to rely and depend on our friends and family. It can be especially true when it comes to raising our kids – the expression, “It takes a village,” exists for a reason, and our support networks do a lot to help reduce stress in our daily lives.

We all must figure out a way to cope with our diminished social interaction during this time. The truth is that social isolation is one of the most significant risk factors for child abuse and neglect. As safe, healthy child care options diminish during times of crisis, the likelihood that a child will become a victim increases. 

This time provides us an opportunity to take stock of our social networks. We can take the time to ask ourselves these questions:

  • Who are your positive social connections? How do they help you stay positive as a parent? 
  • If it takes a village to raise a child, who is in your children’s village, and how do you relate to them? Whose village are you in?
  • Do you have positive relationships with other parents of same-age children? 
  • Do you find it easy or challenging to make friends? If it is challenging, what specific things create a barrier?  
  • What helps you feel connected?

As we continue to practice social distancing, investigate what you can do to strengthen your social connections as a parent. Make an effort to stay in contact with friends and family, and consider placing a limit on your social media intake. Remember that, even separated from our loved ones, none of us are alone in this. 

For a variety of resources related to this topic, check out our website!



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